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Free Desktop Timer 1.21

This free tool is a very simple, neat and handy desktop timer
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Though at first sight Free Desktop Timer may look way too simple to be of any real use, it is actually a pretty handy timer and it can prove beneficial in many situations. There's no denying that it's extremely simple and neat, but that doesn’t harm its usefulness in any way.

It comes with a few default skins, which allows you to change the look of the timer with ease. I wish it had more than just 8 skins, but this is not a big deal anyway. A nice thing about this little tool is the fact that it lets you create and attach to your desktop a virtually unlimited number of timers, each one counting the time individually, based on separate settings. Furthermore, the app also lets you set sound signals that will warn you when the counted time is up.

To sum it up, Free Desktop Timer is a neat and handy little freeware app that makes a good choice when you need a basic desktop timer and advanced options are of no interest to you. Besides being simple, it is also very lightweight and resource-friendly.

Margie Smeer
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  • Very lightweight and resource-friendly
  • Multiple timer instances can be run simultaneously
  • It's free


  • Few skins
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